Seventeenth Avenue

Welcome to Seventeenth Avenue. Follow along as we build our forever home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with Quadrant Homes.

Project Timeline

  • Spring 2020

    New Construction: To Build or Not to Build

    For the past year we have been hemming and hawing over whether we want to build new again or purchase an as-built home and renovate it. The area we live in has a mix of homes that span the range of 100 years, with the majority of those homes built between 2000 – 2018 in […]

    We’re Building Another House

    Last time I checked in, we were in the process of deciding if we would buy and renovate or build new with a local builder. If you recall, there were a lot of things to consider.

    Structural, Exterior, and Electrical Decisions – Part 1

    Now that our lot, plan and elevation are locked in with a big fat (and I mean FAT) earnest deposit, we are cued up for a series of design appointments to get our home ready for permitting and interior finishing. The next step in our journey is the non-sexy, but fundamentally important decisions around structural […]

  • Summer 2020

    Milestone: Design Selections

    If you read my Building 101 – The Design Studio post, you’re familiar with what goes on at the design studio and the important things we considered during this phase of our new home build. I went into my design meetings with a clear vision, a broad understanding of what my options were and most […]

    Milestone: Ground Breaking

    It has been a waiting game since we finalized our interior selections back in June. If you’re building with Quadrant Homes, the design sign-off milestone is what triggers your deposit payment and also clears your build to go to the City for permitting.

  • Fall 2020

  • Winter 2020


How to Make a Winning New Construction Offer in a Hot Market

During our home building process I have referenced that buying a home in a hot market can be stressful. Winning in a multi-offer, new home construction environment can be difficult and does not come without some sacrifices. Please note that I am sharing this advice directly from our own personal experience in preparing a winning […]

Model Homes 101 and Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Our new home journey began in the sales office located in one of Quadrant Home’s designer models. After discussing our families needs with Ronda, one of their very amazing sales agents, we got to experience walking through each of the three designer model homes. My interior design heart was exploding that day. My mind was […]

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