White Cap Oak

Well, I did and long story short, due to a snafu in Wayfair’s pricing architecture, I was able to score some really beautiful engineered hardwood floors for a crazy good deal. I’ll let you do the rough math, but for under $2,500 (incl. tax) we purchased 1,000 sq/ft of this beautiful white oak flooring.

The flooring is by Mohawk and the color is White Cap Oak from their Coastal Couture line. Mohawk features four different categories of flooring; RevWood Plus, RevWood, Solid Wood and TecWood which is the category their Coastal Couture line is from.

TecWood can be installed via various methods (glue, nail/staple, or float) and is highly durable. We do not plan to install it in any bathroom areas of our home so we felt good about not sourcing something from their RevWood Plus line which is highly water resistant.

If you follow along on my Instagram feed, you may have seen a few recent posts I shared from Morgan at theenglishden. First and foremost, her home is to. die. for. So if you don’t follow her feed already, I give you permission to stop right here, click that link and follow. Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.

Okay- welcome back! So Morgan’s floors are actually by Mohawk as well. She chose Seaspray Oak which has just a tad more patina than the White Cap Oak we chose. You guys, seriously- look how beautiful her floors are!

Okay, I’m obsessed and can not wait to get ours installed. Until then I’ll be day dreaming of perfectly oaky goodness!

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