Source, Restoration Hardware

Consider the places you gather often; kitchens, dining and living spaces, and outdoor entertainment areas are commonplace for laughter, silliness and memory making. So why would you skimp on the furniture and decor you use to fill these critical areas of your home?

When we built our first home, those were some of the things we considered while deciding which dining table to purchase. Who knew a table could come with so much pressure? But when we really got to thinking about it, we realized that countless family dinners, holiday gatherings and game nights were going to be hosted in that very spot.

Source, Restoration Hardware

So what did that mean? We needed to make certain that whichever table we purchased met some basic criteria. It had to;

  • Seat at least 8 people comfortably
  • Be sturdy enough for standing on (for silly kids and dancing wine-happy adults alike)
  • Have a neutral, classic style
  • Still look good after years of dings, rings, spills and scratches

It was a tough decision but we ultimately went with the Restoration Hardware – 17TH C. Monastery Dining Table in grey Acacia at 84″ in length. For reference, that size seats 8-10 people but, we found that 10 adults can be pretty tight and we try not to seat more than 8 for a formal dinner.

Restoration Hardware Table Sizing Chart

We have owned our table for just over four years now and while those first few blemishes felt like a knife to the heart, I was able to convince myself that it is just like painting a commissioned piece. Each stroke is unique and contributes to the bigger picture.

Looking back now, the small scratch across the middle of the table makes me smile, because that was when our son was first learning to manipulate objects and he threw a toy across the table to his father. And the little ring stains remind me of the first Thanksgiving dinner we hosted in our new home and my husbands late father accidentally spilled gravy that we neglected to clean up fast enough because we were all enjoying the company of the day.

Overall the table has been well loved and still looks phenomenal. Restoration Hardware makes structurally sound furniture and as a bonus, they also sell touch up kits specific to the color you purchased. We keep our little kit in a drawer close by. It has been excellent for filling in little nicks and scrapes endured around the edges of our table from the occasional flying matchbox car or RC truck.

Source, Restoration Hardware

So my take aways here are simple. Invest in quality items that will hold up over time, but accept that they need to withstand every day life because, we don’t live in museums. They are going to become worn with the memories of your family and that is the most beautiful thing of all and worth every. last. penny!

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