The Best White Vases

The first of my favorites are these ceramic Hosley Honeycomb vases. Amazingly, they come in a set of 3 for just $24.99! The tallest vase is 12″ and the shortest is 8″. They have a beautiful texture to them and the white is a clean crisp white with no yellows tones.

My next Amazon find are these cute Succulent Pots. They mount to the wall and are the perfect size (4″ x 4″) for a small plant like, as the name implies, succulents. They also look great with ivy, spider plants and cacti! These will run you $14.99 for a pair.

Another great wall hanging option is the Umbra Trigg Hanging Vase. They come in 3 colorways: White with Nickle, White with Brass and Gray Concrete with Copper. They come as a pair and range from just $12 to $36 depending which option you choose.

Next is this ceramic vase set by Sullivans. I use this look frequently in my modern farmhouse vibe designs. The set comes with 3 vases total and they range in size from 5″ tall to 10″ tall. They will set you back $33.99 but if you have Wiki Buy installed, you’ll save an extra $10 off!

Last in this round up list are these tiny and adorable succulent vases by Garden Basix. For just $9.99, they come as a set of two. The smaller of the two is a mere 2″ with the larger of the two just over 3.5″. These are perfect for small spaces like shower niches where a little plant brings a little extra happiness!

So that’s it! Five great options to bring a little of the indoors into your home. All of these vases are super versatile and will be sure to endure all of the seasons from spring into winter!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and even your suggestions for other great neutral vase options! Send me a message or comment below!

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