“I have had the pleasure of working with Milissa on multiple projects in the last couple years. My husband and I purchased a home in North Bend less than three years ago that was filled with the mocha colors that were most popular in the mid 2000’s. The first words that came to mind when touring our home when we purchased it was “cave like”. Hence my turn to Milissa for some help brightening up our living spaces.

Milissa is a friend of our family and I had always felt so inspired by her passion for interior design. She knew exactly how to best tackle our project without breaking the bank. Small changes like painting the ceilings white, adding lighting, and brightening up our backsplash made a world of difference. Bigger changes eventually came like changing out countertops, wall paint colors, and décor for a lighter brighter feel. These changes not only lightened the space but also helped to accentuate the beautiful darker features of our home.

Milissa is truly passionate about her interior design work. She asks the right questions to truly get to know your personal taste. She takes the necessary time to perfect her work, she listens thoroughly, and she truly cares. She is always available to help ease your fears in the midst of a change you may be not so sure about. I certainly needed her reassurance on more than one occasion! She is quick to make any adjustments along the way as the project progresses, and she offers smart changes within your budget to make the most bang for your buck.

Her taste is timeless and makes the most sense for your family long term. I highly recommend her work and will use her time and time again. She is a gift to the interior design world!”


“I can’t say enough about my experience with Milissa and Snovalley Studio. Milissa took my very vague descriptions of what I liked and put it into tangible items.

She noted my personal interests and needs and somehow worked them into our design. I was really surprised with what she came up with but was totally in love!

She took time out of her busy day and walked through my bathroom via video chat to help assuage nervousness and give me additional options to get the same effect.

She also sourced the specific type of lighting I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere!

I can’t wait to work with SnoValley again!”


“Being a first time home buyer, my husband and I were unsure of certain things in the design and build process. With a lot of unknowns and choices to make, it started becoming very stressful.

While we were looking for experienced advice and suggestions, Milissa offered help. She is very knowledgeable on the home building process and has great clarity in all the intricacies related to the design and build process.

She learned about our preferences and had given us great advice on various design choices for our home, which helped us in making confident decisions.

She is full of energy, ideas, very creative, and very positive. During our design selections, she had shown and pointed us various custom design options we can make with backsplash, flooring, painting, etc, which we could have missed otherwise, these helped us in making wise decisions and saving money.

We faced a few issues during the build process, the guidance Milissa has given us at this time helped us handling the situation very smoothly.

She has always been available and helped us by providing valuable advice and information during the design/build process. If you want to have a stress free, confident building process, we would highly recommend having Milissa as your design consultant.

A big thank you for being so helpful and for your guidance, we truly appreciate it!”