Milestone: We’re Framed

Back in August we broke ground and since then it has been so fun to check in weekly on the progress because things change that quickly in this phase!

After they broke ground, it took about a month for the foundation forms to be set and the foundation to be poured, cured, inspected and signed off on.

Our lumber dropped on September 18th and shortly afterward we had our pre-construction meeting with the Quadrant Homes team. This meeting was an opportunity for us to meet the construction manager, learn about the process and ask any questions we had at the time.

The other important thing we learned at our pre-construction meeting was our estimated closing date, which initially was January 29th, 2021, but has since been moved to the end of February to account for supply and trade delays due to our old pal ‘Covid. I have no doubts that date will move at least a few more times as we inch closer to completion.

For those counting, the total days from breaking ground to being fully framed was 70, or 10 weeks if you’re into measuring that way. This of course will depend on a variety of factors, but for those building with Quadrant, it can be a helpful estimate.

The next step is for the roof to get its shingles, windows to be installed and then the exterior gets wrapped and sided. We will keep you updated but feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Thank you for following along and stay well!

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