Milestone: Insulation and Drywall

Things have moved quickly since my last update on the build and the tips I shared on my frame walk post were really valuable. Now that the home is insulated and drywalled, it’s near impossible to determine what is going on within the walls, so documenting everything beforehand will be a great resource moving forward. Inevitably each step of the build will present items that need to be addressed, so here are some things to consider…

Tips for new home builders at this stage:

  • Continue to make opportunities to walk through the home (on a weekly or bi-monthly basis if possible and not while they are working in the home).
  • Continue to keep a list of questions or concerns to discuss with the builder’s project manager (PM).
  • Bring your electrical plan with you and make sure none of your outlets, light fixtures or switches were accidentally drywalled over. If they were, mark them on your plan so you can share it with the PM.
  • Make sure they didn’t drywall over anything that should not have drywall. (safety rails, areas to be covered in millwork, etc.)
  • Confirm that your kitchen pendant lights are still in the right position for the type of pendants you plan to hang.
  • Also make sure that any light or fan fixtures that will hang above your dining table are still centered over where you plan to put your table.
  • Record another walk through video to capture the whole home so you can review it later. You will inevitably find more things in your video and photos that you missed the first time around, but still need to be addressed.
  • Don’t forget to check on the exterior during each visit and note anything that looks strange so you can ask questions.