Milestone: Ground Breaking

It has been a waiting game since we finalized our interior selections back in June. If you’re building with Quadrant Homes, the design sign-off milestone is what triggers your deposit payment and also clears your build to go to the City for permitting.

The permitting timeline then varies by City and by project, but ours took roughly two months.

Once permitting is approved, the builder is granted permission to “break ground” on your lot. During this phase they excavate and level the land where your foundation will be laid, poured and left to cure before the exciting stuff starts to happen…

The fun part really starts and things start moving fast when the lumber is delivered. This will be the next step in our building process. Once the lumber is delivered to your lot, the sales team will reach out to schedule a lot walk and you’ll get your first preliminary closing date!

Thank you for following along and stay well!

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