Milestone: Frame Walk Tour

On November 6, we had our virtual frame walk tour to view our homes progress to date. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the build and to make requests for any minor changes that needed to happen before insulation and drywall begins. I had an opportunity to stop by over the weekend to film my own walk through, which is posted to my IGTV below.

Tips for new home builders at this stage:

  • If possible, try to walk through the home prior to the frame walk appointment so you are not seeing it for the first time with the builder.
  • Have a list of questions or concerns from that pre-visit to discuss during your scheduled frame walk with the builder’s project manage.
  • Have a copy of your electrical plan handy too – you’ll want to play electrical bingo and ensure everything you requested is where it should be.
  • Make sure the boxes for your kitchen island pendant lights are located in the right position for the type/size of pendants you plan to hang.
  • Also make sure that the box for your dining table fixture is centered over where you plan to place your table.
  • Document the guts of your home. Go room by room and take photos of all 4 walls, the ceiling and the floor. This will be helpful after certificate of occupancy, should you need to know what’s inside your walls for future projects.
  • Take a comprehensive video like this. It helps you capture the whole home and lets you review it later when you are not fatigued from staring at it during the frame walk. You will inevitably find things in your video and photos that you missed the first time around, but still need to address.
  • Don’t forget the exterior! Make sure to take photos of all the exterior walls, porches, garage, etc. before they are wrapped up in siding. I noticed my AC was in the wrong spot, and one of my handy photos helped me catch it so they could change it now before more work was done!