Meet the Aquor® House Hydrant V2+ In-Wall Outdoor Faucet System

When is a hose bib not a hose bib? When it’s an ultra cool marine-grade hydrant!

Meet the ultra sleek Aquor® House Hydrant V2+ In-Wall Outdoor Faucet System by Aquor Water Systems based in Bellevue/Port Townsend, WA. While this hydrant style faucet system may feel like new technology to the residential world; the team at Aquor Water Systems have been adapting the popular deck wash hydrant found on boats since 2014.

In 2014, we began adapting the outlet for use on homes. Our goal was to create the ultimate “no-compromise” hose bib; one that was easier to use, more durable, more eco-friendly, and better looking than anything on the market.

Aquor Water Systems

So what? Why would you ditch your trusty old exterior brass hose bib for one of these slick hydrants? Well, first of all hose bibs are so old-school and the neighbors are definitely not going to be impressed with that. Did you know that the brass outdoor faucet (also known as a sillcock, or hose bib) was originally invented in the early 1900’s with little to no innovation since? It’s very grand-millennial, but definitely not my style.

I mean look at this comparison. Which would you rather have sticking off the side of your beautiful home?

That’s fun, right?
Let’s talk Durability

How often does your hose leak when you hook it up to your hose bib? Mine did 100% of the time due to the threading never really lining up quite right. I begrudgingly wasted hundreds of dollars in water over the years due to a seemingly innocent leak.

Fun fact: each winter, over 250,000 hose bibs burst while 2,700 gallons of water are wasted due to dripping hose bibs. Guess how much the average homeowner lost on a flooded home? $7,479. Ouch.

At Aquor they use 316L stainless steel which is an extra-low-carbon alloy better known as “marine grade steel”. It’s extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is also a better insulator.

With the Aquor hydrant system you can say goodbye to leaks, drips and freezing!

Easy to Use

Have your neighbors ever said to you “wow, that is SO cool how you connect your hose.” Doubtfully. Want a cool party trick? Check out any one of these videos for how to impress your friends the next time they drop by!

Not only did my contractor install my V2+ hydrants in less than an hour, it takes me less than 3 seconds to have instant, leak-free water to wash my car, water my prized garden or clean up after my grimy 5-year-old and his puppy.

With the Aquor connector attached to your garden hose, simply walk up to the hydrant and plug in. Water flow starts immediately when you connect, and stops instantly when you disconnect. After you unplug, the hydrant self-drains automatically to prevent freezing.

Aquor Water Systems

Bonus: it feels ultra cool to brag to my neighbors about how it works with a simple twist, then give them the opportunity to take it for a spin!

Live in the City?

Using locks and keys to protect your hose bibs from water theft is a chore. Without the Aquor connector, nobody can access your water. It is difficult to tamper with, and the internal rod resists vandalism. Take that thieves!


Okay, so let me dive into a little highlight that I am super passionate about – taking care of the environment. ‘Absolutely no lead is used in Aquor’s 100% stainless steel hydrants and the marine-grade 316L stainless steel will not rust or corrode, nor leach dangerous chemicals into the ground’. I bet you never even considered that could happen with your traditional hose bib, but it’s a reality.

Be nice to our planet by making environmentally conscious purchases.

Did I mention they are sexy?

Talk techy to me: As I mentioned, the hydrant body is marine-grade 316L stainless steel, and is virtually indestructible. The internal seals are Viton® O-rings, commonly used in aerospace and automotive applications and renowned for their long lifetimes and resistance to wear. Aquor hose connectors are not plastic, but rather molded from a high-tech polymer called Delrin®. See? It even sounds sexy.

Here are a bunch of images of the V1 and the V2+ installed around the country though in case you’re not totally sold on looks alone!

Want one, or maybe three?

I recommend that you purchase directly from Aquor Water Systems, but they are also available on Amazon, Grainger and Lowe’s to name a few with a quick Google search.


Are you located in the Seattle area and want a trusted plumbing company for the installation? Check out the team at Bee’s Plumbing and Heating. They completed my retrofit of two V2+ hydrants in record time for less than $1K. Installation costs may vary depending on your area and could be more or less depending on your homes condition and access.

Here are more images if mine installed at our home – 5/5 STARS, this hydrant is AMAZING!

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