Growing up rooted in a family full of artists and creatives, our eyes were constantly trained to pay close attention to the details. Your craft, no matter what the medium, was expected to be thoughtfully planned, clean and refined; something legendary furniture designer Charles Eames would appreciate! 

“The details are not the details; they make the product,” wrote Charles and Ray Eames for the film script, ECS, about one of their new furniture systems.

I reflect back on the many experiences I’ve had in my nearly (dare I say) forty years and can recall the depth of my frustrations as I agonized over the little details that would sometimes drive me crazy. However, despite how frustrated I became, the feeling of success in completing a project that was well planned and executed, far exceeded the challenges it took to get there.

So the next time you’re rushing to complete a task or project, channel you’re inner Charles Eames; take a step back, give yourself pause, and look closely at the details. Invest in their completeness and allow yourself the opportunity to revel in the feeling of accomplishment that makes you want to put you’re name on it.

Photo Source: Megan Kirby

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