Ash Street Master Bedroom

The Ash Street project was inspired by a pallet of airy neutrals and natural wood tones that transformed this space into a peaceful retreat.

Common to many of the homes built in the early 2000’s era of this area, the spaces were full of muddied tones of beige and brown. To change the appeal of the space, SnoValley Studio designed a plan that included a beautiful picture frame accent wall and neutral colored furniture to brighten the room.

Below is the original Design Plan for the space:

Often, clients want to include items they have already procured into a design and that is exactly what we did for this installation. The lamps and curtains were special to the client, so we made sure to design the space with that in mind.

Before photo of the space:

Shortly after we began installation, our client was put on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. We are excited to meet baby and finish this space in the Fall of 2021!

See below for ‘in progress’ photos of the space.

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