About SnoValley Studio

Hi! I am Milissa, the creative behind SnoValley Studio. I am blessed to descend from many generations of creatives such as architects, engineers, painters, graphic designers, and photographers to name a few! I am personally gifted with the visual, manipulative and hands on ability to create just about anything you can think of. I paint, design, shoot photography, dabble in website design, am handy with just about any power tool. I have decades of formal training in the arts, design and photography and have served as an understudy to the many phenomenal creatives I mentioned above. I also have my masters and undergraduate degrees in business. Not only am I a collaborative creative; I have the acumen to deliver results and provide you with an experience that will have us both enjoying your project each step of the way.

SnoValley Studio is the culmination of decades of creative projects and ideas coming together as one business. I wrestled with which services to offer, but with the help of family and friends, I decided not to limit your options. My business is designed to meet your needs in the areas of Design, Decorating and Photography. So where should you get started? It’s simple; explore my website and when you’re ready, choose a path from the main menu. DESIGN will lead you to my interior design & decor portfolio, services list and how to request a consultation so we can get started on the projects you’ve been wanting to do but don’t know where to start. PHOTOGRAPHY will bring you to my photography portfolio, investment and booking information so we can get you the photos you have been coveting.